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Our Vision

We believe in a country where employment opportunity is based on expertise, responsibility and inclusion.

Our Mission

Provide training and mentoring to First Nations and Defence Veterans so they can pursue careers in Australia’s information security industry.

"It’s two diverse business owners with a passion for helping people reach their potential"

Our Story So Far

Who is OUU? We’re just two guys who want to solve veteran and indigenous underemployment!

Meet Sam, a Queensland veteran, who is passionate about protecting his fellow Aussies from cyber threat. He saw wave after wave of cyber-attacks being reported in the news and social media and decided to utilised his unique skillset to help protect Aussie businesses. So, Sam decided to ring Digital Shield, a cyber security company headquartered in Darwin, for help in defending local businesses and companies against these attacks.

Now this is where the second guy comes in. Meet Stewart he is one of the leading First Nations entrepreneurs in Australia and the owner of Digital Shield, a company that specialises in cyber security with a mandate to get more First Nation’s people into cybersecurity.

Both Sam and Stewart wanted to give back to their respective communities, which have shown them much support. They thought why not come together and unify both their causes under one company and named it Operation Unify Us. They have set a goal to train & deploy 1000 First Nations people and 1000 veterans into tech and cyber roles to help defend Australia against cyber threats.

Who are we?