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Operation Unify Us

Unifying Causes

Your business is on a mission to make a difference and so is ours, why not synergies our visions and provide a multitude of value to our community? You need talent, we have talent available under three different options:  permanent placement, contract, or temporary to permanent placement.

Talent. Simple.

Our Talent Specialises In Cyber Security!

Meet Your Diversity Quota

Are you a forward leading company that wants a diverse range of high-quality talent? Why haven’t you reached out yet?  That is what we provide!

What Are Your Goals?

Don’t miss out on an opportunity because you don’t have the right human resources. Build a multi-year delivery program with our talent.

Make A Social Impact

All of our Squad Members are ex-military and First Nation professionals. By employing our workforce, you’re helping us solve veteran and First Nation underemployment.

Our Workforce

Our workforce is comprised of First Nations peoples and Veterans. These groups have unique talents and many transferrable skills that are often under-utilised and under-nurtured by employers. The benefits of hiring from our workforce includes: